Search Engine Optimization

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We help increase web site visibility. Through our experience, we have found strategies that deliver the most dramatic results in online marketing. As a result, our clients continue to reap the rewards of their online presence. Reading the information below is how we recommend you begin this process.

STEP 1 : Selecting Keywords That Best Describe Your Company

We will work with you to ensure that your keyword choices will be as effective as possible when submitted. First, you select between 20 to 200 keywords that are relevant to your web site and industry. Next, we will review your keywords to maximize their chances of delivering the highest amount of targeted search engine traffic. After helping thousands of clients, we have become experts in helping to select keywords that will produce the best results.

STEP 2 : XS Infosol Creates Optimized Pages

After your keywords are selected, we carefully craft web pages to be highly ranked by the search engines. These pages we create do not affect your current web site in any way! They will work for you, but you will never know they are there. Because we take our clients' reputations seriously, we never use "invisible text," "spamdexing," or other unethical search engine tricks to get your pages high rankings.

STEP 3 : XS Infosol Submits The Optimized Pages

Our submission process, based on years of research and results, ensures that your pages get maximum rankings. Submitting to the search engines is very tricky. Every search engine has different criteria for submission. Some allow multiple submissions per day, others only one per day, and yet others only one per hour. We follow these guidelines very carefully to ensure that you get the best results. We carefully submit the optimized pages in a particular order to maximize your coverage and placement. We have found that the frequency and type of submission affect optimum search engine ranking.

STEP 4 : XS Infosol Resubmits, Monitors, And Updates

To keep your traffic coming, We selectively resubmits your pages to the search engines, ensuring that your rankings remain optimized. (We do not resubmit all of your pages at once, this could actually damage your rankings. Instead we select critical pages and submit those.) XS Infosol monitors your traffic and rankings. If something begins to "slip," we work immediately to correct it and ensure your traffic doesn't drop.

We update our search - engine optimized HTML code to keep up with changes in search engine algorithms. We never stop updating and revising our code to keep your pages "fresh" and producing maximum traffic. As your partners, we will do everything possible to get traffic to your web site. If we can't do it-no one can !